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Tesla Mannequin three will get a daring look with 20″ Turbine Wheels in Metallic Gray

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email The much desired “Turbine” style wheel has finally arrived for the Tesla Model 3, and at a reasonable price to boot. Ben Sullins of data-focused YouTube channel Teslanomics recently featured what can only be described as the perfect …

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Tesla Mannequin three Aero vs Non-Aero wheels real-world effectivity check

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email The 18-inch Aero Wheels are the default option for the Model 3, and while their aesthetics continue to polarize some buyers of the electric car, Tesla states that the wheel covers are capable of increasing the range …

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This Tesla DIY mission exhibits that Aero Wheels can nonetheless look fairly cool

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Aero Wheels are pretty much the auto equivalent of wearing sandals on top of socks. They’re very efficient and they make the ride pretty comfortable, but their aesthetics are somewhat questionable. Just recently, however, a Tesla Model S …

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Tesla Mannequin three with 20″ wheel choice might be coming for twin motor configurations

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Tesla’s Long Range Model 3 in rear-wheel drive, single motor configuration currently comes equipped with standard 18-inch Aero Wheels that can also be upgraded to 19-inch Sport Wheels for an additional $1,500. However, a recent tweet made by …

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