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Do not assume for one second that Elon Musk is an AI fear-monger

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Elon Musk’s cautionary statements about uncontrolled experimentation with artificial intelligence (AI) have caused some to ridicule him as a fear-monger, and have given many in the mainstream press the idea that he is opposed to using AI, …

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Netherlands ranks 1st in autonomous automobile readiness, US locations third

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email The recently-released Automated Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI) report by auditing firm KPMG has revealed that the Netherlands is the world’s most autonomous vehicle-ready country. The AVRI, which ranks nations across the globe according to their readiness for …

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Tesla positioned lifeless final in self-driving race by Navigant, GM and Waymo high listing

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email According to a recently published study by Navigant research group, Tesla is currently dead last in the self-driving race, placing beside second-t0-last Apple on the list of 19 companies. At the top of Navigant’s study were GM and Google’s …

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First take a look at Tesla’s complicated computerized wipers for Autopilot 2 vehicles in motion

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email It took a considerably longer time than expected, but automatic rain-sensing wipers were finally rolled out to Tesla’s Autopilot 2 (AP2) vehicles in an over-the-air software update. Just as teased by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the latest update …

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