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Tesla might in the future “gamify” your Supercharger travels with digital trophies

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Taking a Tesla road trip could one day become an even more rewarding experience than it already is. After announcing that one of its new Supercharger locations in Los Angeles will debut an old-school drive-in, complete with outdoor …

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Tesla Supercharger in LA will get a traditional drive-in restaurant and out of doors film, says Elon Musk

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Tesla CEO Elon Musk is looking to bring back some vintage charm to the Supercharger network. In a series of tweets, Musk announced that the California-based electric carmaker would be putting up an old-school drive-in with restaurant at one …

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Tesla launches “EV journey planner” device with map of Supercharger places

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Tesla has launched a trip planning tool that gives existing owners and prospective buyers insight into the number of charging stops and charging time needed, when traveling longer distances in a Model S, X or Model 3. The …

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