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SpaceX’s claw-boat able to get better rocket fairing with a large web

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Teslarati’s West coast photographer Pauline Acalin has captured some wonderful images of one among SpaceX’s most instantly recognizable fairing restoration vessels berthed within the Port of San Pedro. For the primary time ever, the vessel (formally named …

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How SpaceX Falcon Heavy undercuts its competitors three-fold

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Following the stunningly successful debut of SpaceX’s giant Falcon Heavy rocket, the spaceflight fan community and industry have been abuzz with attempts to estimate Falcon Heavy’s true price as an expendable or partially expendable launch vehicle. Thankfully, …

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What’s going to occur to Elon Musk’s Tesla on its area journey to Mars?

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email SpaceX has completed the last crucial step of Falcon Heavy’s inaugural test flight after successfully launching Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster out of Earth’s orbit, on a trajectory into deep space. But what will happen to the car …

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s breathtaking leap in direction of Mars in images

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email As SpaceX CEO Elon Musk so succinctly put it in a post-Falcon Heavy press conference, “I’m trippin’ balls here.” Following a truly stunning inaugural launch of the heavy-lift rocket, during which two of three first stages performed …

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SpaceX stuns with two simultaneous rocket landings, Musk’s Tesla heads to Mars

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email In a jaw-dropping tour de force, SpaceX have successfully completed the vast majority of Falcon Heavy’s inaugural test launch. In short, the massive rocket soared through the riskiest components of its first flight with apparent ease, placing its …

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