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Kimbal Musk’s Tesla Mannequin three is up for grabs in newest Large Inexperienced fundraiser

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Kimbal Musk is giving away his fully-loaded Tesla Model 3 to a lucky donor for Big Green, his nonprofit food literacy program for children. Kimbal’s Tesla is particularly special in the way that it is the holder …

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This is one other Tesla Mannequin S Capturing Brake wagon, by Italian tuner ARES Design

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Italian sports car design house, ARES Design, is working on its own version of the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake. The all-electric wagon will boast a redesigned carbon fiber and aluminum bodywork, a custom interior, and is expected …

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What Tesla and Honda’s early success have in widespread

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email “To the more established brands, it is a young upstart company with performance claims that seem unreasonably optimistic. Instead of being rooted in reality, its new sporty two-door appears to be little more than the expressed will …

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Tesla Mannequin three will get a daring look with 20″ Turbine Wheels in Metallic Gray

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email The much desired “Turbine” style wheel has finally arrived for the Tesla Model 3, and at a reasonable price to boot. Ben Sullins of data-focused YouTube channel Teslanomics recently featured what can only be described as the perfect …

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