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What’s going to occur to Elon Musk’s Tesla on its area journey to Mars?

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email SpaceX has completed the last crucial step of Falcon Heavy’s inaugural test flight after successfully launching Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster out of Earth’s orbit, on a trajectory into deep space. But what will happen to the car …

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s breathtaking leap in direction of Mars in images

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email As SpaceX CEO Elon Musk so succinctly put it in a post-Falcon Heavy press conference, “I’m trippin’ balls here.” Following a truly stunning inaugural launch of the heavy-lift rocket, during which two of three first stages performed …

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Livestream of SpaceX Falcon Heavy static fireplace try at the moment

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email SpaceX is making another attempt at test firing Falcon Heavy today from Cape Canaveral between 12:30-18:00 EST (17:30-23:00 UTC). With the day almost perfect for another static fire attempt, all eyes are on the Kennedy Space Center …

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SpaceX talks Moon mission as strategic stepping stone for Mars colony

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Josh Brost, Senior Director of SpaceX’s Government Business Development was in attendance at a civil spaceflight conference in Washington D.C. yesterday, January 18, and provided a number of interesting details about SpaceX’s upcoming activities in 2018. Perhaps …

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SpaceX might start testing its Mars rocket in Texas by late 2018, early 2019

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email On the heels of a successful wet dress rehearsal for Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s President and COO Gwynne Shotwell spoke briefly about SpaceX for an aerospace conference located at Texas’ Academy of Medicine, Engineering & Science. Ars Technica’s senior spaceflight …

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