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This is one other Tesla Mannequin S Capturing Brake wagon, by Italian tuner ARES Design

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Italian sports car design house, ARES Design, is working on its own version of the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake. The all-electric wagon will boast a redesigned carbon fiber and aluminum bodywork, a custom interior, and is expected …

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Tesla Mannequin S ‘Capturing Brake’ wagon noticed Supercharging within the wild

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Qwest Norfolk, the British aftermarket customizer behind the creation of the world’s first Tesla Model S P90D Shooting Brake, recently posted a series of pictures featuring the unique electric wagon car out in the wild.  The story …

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Watch this early Tesla Mannequin S ditch the nostril cone with Unplugged Efficiency’s refresh entrance fascia package

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email The Tesla Model S has undergone one facelift since being introduced back in 2012. The full-sized sedan’s facelifted version, which debuted back in 2016, featured a more angular design and an overall look that was similar to the …

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Putting in a Tesla Mannequin three dashcam answer from BlackVue

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Arguably, one of the most important aftermarket upgrades any Tesla owner can make is the installation of a multi-channel dashcam solution that records activity on both the front and rear of the vehicle. Tesla owner and YouTuber MacTechGenius …

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Tesla Mannequin three with 20″ wheel choice might be coming for twin motor configurations

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email Tesla’s Long Range Model 3 in rear-wheel drive, single motor configuration currently comes equipped with standard 18-inch Aero Wheels that can also be upgraded to 19-inch Sport Wheels for an additional $1,500. However, a recent tweet made by …

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Superstar automotive customizer reimagines Tesla Mannequin S with extensive physique equipment

Reddit Tweet Share Share Email When the SEMA show went down in Las Vegas, I was particularly delighted to see so many companies featuring a Tesla on display at their booth. But one particular Tesla Model S made a splashy entrance at this year’s …

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